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Fujifilm Camera Chargers

A Fujifilm camera may run on either AA batteries of a lithium ion battery that is rechargeable. When you purchase a digital camera, it will come with a lithium battery and charger. The battery will not be fully charged on receipt and will need charging fully before you use it.

A spare lithium ion camera battery can be expensive and will add to the cost of purchasing your camera, but it is useful. If you are travelling to a different country, ensure you have an adapter for plugging the charger into a wall socket.

Using a camera charger

Most digital cameras are supplied with a battery charger. The battery is removed from the camera and slots into a dedicated space in the charger and plugged into the wall socket to charge. However, ensure there is a suitable power source if you are travelling and need to take the charger with you.

Some cameras have the facility to be able to charge the battery whilst it is in-situ via a cable that connects the camera to the wall socket. A handful of cameras can be charged via a USB port and cable on a computer for ultimate versatility.

Advantages of a camera charger

A lithium battery usually lasts longer than a standard AA battery and because it is rechargeable, it does not need to be disposed of as frequently. Lithium ion batteries are usually smaller, as are the cameras they fit into. Some can fit into your pocket, whereas larger batteries tend to fit into specially designed compartments in your camera case or bag.

Some battery chargers have LCD screens that will indicate when the camera battery is fully charged. Others are supplied with a case for protection and ease of travelling, although a suitable camera bag will have space to store the battery charger and any spare batteries.

Battery camera chargers are more convenient to use and are reliable. While they are in use, rechargeable camera batteries use 1.2 volts even when in 'low battery' mode, whilst disposable batteries start with 1.5 volts and reduce as they are in use. Rechargeable batteries used with camera chargers are more environmentally friendly, producing less waste and making them more energy efficient.

Powerful camera battery chargers are able to recharge lithium ion batteries within 15 to 20 minutes, saving time as well as saving on the cost of replacing your batteries.

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