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Fujitsu Laptop Power Adapters and Chargers

Fujitsu laptop power adapters and chargers are sturdily built but, even so, over time they can become defective and need replacing. The good news is that replacement laptop power adapters and chargers are easily available for every Fujitsu laptop model.

How to determine if a Fujitsu laptop power adapter and charger is faulty

A series of simple checks can establish if an adaptor is broken and, if so, which part:

Make sure your Fujitsu laptop is plugged in. If the laptop doesn't switch on first try plugging the adapter into another socket. If there's still no power the adapter needs replacing.

Check the adapter cables for kinks, bumps or broken wiring and also check the adapter unit for discolouration. If any of these are found then the adapter needs replacing.

If the above doesn't identify the problem, remove the laptop battery and plug the laptop straight into the mains. If the laptop does not come on then the adapter needs replacing. If the laptop does come on then the problem is most likely a dead battery or faulty laptop component.

One further test is to jiggle the wire that connects to the PC. If the laptop goes on and off then either the laptop's DC jack is damaged or the cable end is damaged. Check to see and if it's the cable end that is at fault then a new adapter will be required.

Replacing a Fujitsu power adapter and charger

To specify the correct replacement Fujitsu power adapter and charger, all that's needed is the laptop model name and number. This can generally be found on a sticker adhered to the base of the laptop or may be printed by the keyboard or on the laptop's screen housing.

Note that some adapters are supplied with power cables and some without. If the problem is with the adapter unit only then the power lead can be re-used. If not then the complete adapter and charger set needs to be purchased.

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