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Fujitsu Monitors

Fujitsu are the third oldest IT company in the world and in their long history they have developed a number of different technologies. One of their biggest ranges is their selection of monitors, which come in several distinct styles. The key to selecting one that is right for you, is to take into consideration several key features that will accentuate different parts of your usage.

Screen size

The screen size is measured in inches diagonally from the top left to the bottom right, not including the plastic frame. If you are using a current computer monitor that you are happy with size wise, then measure it like this and get one that is the same or similar in size. However, if you are buying a monitor for the first time, then the size is worth paying attention to. For most users 20 to 23 inches is usually a good starting point for a generic monitor, although you can always go bigger or smaller depending on the size of your computer desk , activity or personal preference.


When people talk about the resolution, it refers to how many pixels the monitor displays and therefore how sharp the image is. Larger monitors of 26 inches and above may not produce as great an image, as the pixels are stretched further compared to most 1080p models.

The higher the resolution, the better the picture quality and the higher the price point. Home offices will usually settle with a lower resolution, whereas graphic designers and gamers will want higher resolutions. Higher resolutions carry higher price tags, so it is important to balance the two.

Hardware options

Additional features are almost as important as the screen. Many Fujitsu monitors come with built in speakers , wall mounts, extra USB ports or Anti-Glare technology. Although these will increase the cost, they may be worth investing in if that is important to your use.

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