Picking a Full HD Monitor to Suit Your Applications

Your display monitor can shape your experience, whether surfing, gaming, or working. A full HD monitor is a practical alternative that can be used for various applications. eBay offers a selection of FHD monitor from top brands.

Which features are critical in monitors for gaming?

A full HD monitor meant for gaming has to satisfy certain requirements due to the heavy-duty nature of the application. Watch out for:

  • Size: When playing your favourite games, you want a display that brings out all the elements. Big screens provide a better gaming experience. A curved HD monitor will offer a larger aspect ratio than a flat display with similar dimensions.
  • Refresh rate: The number of times that a monitor can refresh images is measured in Hz. Gaming displays need fast refresh rates to catch all the rapid movements. A 1080p monitor with a 120Hz refresh rate or higher is suitable for gaming.
  • Extra features: The technologies that a particular FHD display can accommodate will dictate how appropriate it is for gaming. Check if a monitor supports high-specification graphics cards. This compatibility will determine specific gaming functionality.
What are the available options for screen types?

Not all full HD monitors are created the same. The panel technology of a particular display will influence the quality of picture and functioning. IPS refers to in-plane switching, which gives richer colours and wide viewing angles. It is suitable for gaming, high graphics work, and photo editing. Liquid-crystal display (LCD) screens are suitable for most multi-purpose users. Pictures are delivered on the screen using liquid crystals and cold-cathode lamps to provide backlight. A full HD LED monitor is a good alternative to LCD. It has lower power consumption, brighter picture, and a thinner build than an LCD. Touchscreen panels are also popular options for home use.

What separates a full HD from a 4K monitor?

The resolution and aspect ratio are the main differences between an FHD and a 4K monitor. A display’s resolution is based on the number of pixels that make up the screen. The sharpness of a monitor increases proportionately with the number of pixels. A full HD monitor has a resolution of 1920p x 1080p, while a 4K screen offers 3840p x 2160p. This means that 4K offers four times the pixels of FHD, which makes it more suitable for intensive applications, such as gaming.