Full Hd Projector

Enjoy Content on a Larger Canvas with a Full HD Projector

A full HD projector can often provide a larger viewing surface than flatscreen televisions at a more more reasonable price. They often require a lot less space than a television, and can be carried between rooms much more easily. When mounted correctly and set up at the correct distance, it can project on a screen of over 100 inches for an immersive viewing experience. eBay has a range of Full HD projectors available for sale with new and used options.

What resolution can be expected from a full HD projector?

While 1080p resolution qualifies as full HD, there are some projectors that can provide up to 4K resolution on a 120-inch surface. If you are not ready to dish out the big bucks for the ultra HD 4K experience, then 1080p or even 720p projectors can still offer a good level of quality at a fair price point. Although projectors can project images up to 4K, if your content or the computer you play your content from is not compatible or configured for 4K viewing, it may still result in a lower image quality.

Whats the difference between DLP, LCD, and LED?

Which projection technology you want to look for will depend on how you wish to use your projector and whether or not you are a price-conscious buyer. Each of the technologies have varying levels of noise, picture quality, and bulb durability. Here is what you should know about them:

  • DLP: If you want the sharpest images with no compromise on quality, then digital light processing is the right type for you. This quality does come at a price: the bulb only lasts about 5000 hours.
  • LCD: The middle one of the three technologies it is cheaper than DLP projectors and still provides an amiable experience. With low levels of ambient noise and more effective colour management it is sure to please your wallet and your eyes.
  • LED: With a bulb life of over 20,000 hours, it’s no wonder that LED projectors are firm favourites. Its low maintenance costs and lower purchase prices make this a good contender for first-time buyers.
How much brightness do projectors need?

When shopping for a full HD projector, remember that each projector has a slightly different brightness capability. These usually range from around 2000 lumens up to about 4000 lumens. While you may use a projector with lower brightness indoors, you should consider choosing a brighter projector if you expect lots of ambient light.