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Garden Flags

Garden flags are a great way of giving your garden more character, plus a way for you to show your personality in your outdoor space. 

Flags are a fun and creative way of adding a pop of colour to your garden.

Some decorative flags available are themed for each season, so you can dress your garden for the occasion, whether it’s Easter or Christmas. Not all garden flags bear a country’s mark, instead some may come with novelty images.

Ways to hang your flags

There are a number of ways in which you can fly your garden flag.

  • Flag poles - Stand alone flagpoles are the most popular way of displaying a garden flag. They are easily secured in the ground by driving the stake at the base end into the soil. These basic flagpoles are easy to move around should you want to display it somewhere else
  • Window hangers - If you are limited on space in your garden or outdoor space, these are a great way of displaying your flag without compromising the area available. It consists of a plastic bar with a suction cup at one end, which allows you to fasten it to any window
  • All purpose brackets - Flagpole brackets allow you fly your flag from wherever you want to. They are easily attached to most places, including a porchway or a wall. This is the best way to display your garden flag if you are limited on space and do not have room for a stand alone flag pole

Materials of garden flags

  • Polyester - Polyester flags are slightly heavier when compared with nylon flags, and are less likely to rip when battered by strong winds. They are better suited to rural areas because polyester flags are more durable in harsher weather conditions
  • Nylon - These flags are a lot lighter than polyester flags, and are more likely to whip in strong winds. As a result of this, they are better suited to suburban areas
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