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Garden Irrigation Systems

Garden irrigation systems work automatically, which reduces the amount of time you spend watering the garden

Irrigation systems can also reduce the amount of water waste, allowing you to only water the plants you need to and stopping up to 90% waste that can be caused by using a hose.

Types of Garden Irrigation Systems

  • Drip emitter - This method uses a network of pipes around your garden that emits water slowly or ‘drips’ to the particular plant. The pipes (also called drip tubing) have small drip emitters which you can direct on to the particular place required for your plant. If you have a drip emitter set up running along your flower bed the water will drip slowly into the soil to the roots of the plant. This can save water as it stops surface run off and only emits water where directed
  • Micro sprinkler - Used to cover a large surface area, often up to a five meter radius. This type of system provides heavy droplets of water. Micro sprinklers can be connected to a water timer for automated watering of your garden. Some micro sprinklers can be adapted to be connected at a height, so they can be sprayed overhead, ideal for greenhouses
  • Micro spray - This system can also cover a large area, up to a two meters radius and can provide water to many plants in just one spray. This system soaks plants in a fine mist. Many micro spray systems can also be sprayed overhead for greenhouses
  • Pop-up sprinkler - This is an irrigation system that is installed underground. When activated the sprinkler rises up to ground level and when finished, retreats back underground. This system is particularly beneficial for covering a large area of lawn and can be automated with a water timer

Benefits of garden irrigation systems

If garden irrigation systems are installed correctly they can save much more water than watering by hand or hose as they are directed at the required plants and areas.

Irrigation systems and water timers can also free up valuable time and ensure your garden is always looking its best.

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