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Garden lawn aerators for healthy lawns

Any keen gardener will tell you about the importance of aerating your lawn. Using the right tools to ventilate your lawn will allow both moisture and nutrients to get through the layers beneath the surface. 

This will keep everything looking greener and healthier, and it will also stop the earth from becoming hard and compacted, so you can spend summer days lounging on your nice green lawn. On eBay, you can find a lawn aerator to suit you, with options from top brands as well as unbranded lawn aerators

Shoe aerators

Easy to use and affordable, shoe aerators will enable you to aerate your lawn by simply putting on specially designed footwear. Most are sandal styles that fit over your shoes. From there, you can pace the length and breadth of your lawn to actively aerate it. 

Doing this fairly regularly is the best advice, rather than leaving it for months at a time. Shoe aerators are certainly better suited to more manageable sized lawns rather than extensive spaces. 

Roller aerators

Another manual powered option is a roller aerator. This is a garden hand tool with a roller at the base, covered with short spikes. A simple rolling action across your lawn will give you easy coverage and an effective way of ventilating your lawn. 

These are great if you've got a larger garden, and the manual action will help to keep you active. These manual roller aerators are so easy to use, simply place on your lawn and begin rolling. 

Machine powered aerators

If you need to cover larger ground and want to do this quickly and efficiently, a towed aerator is a good option. These can be attached to your garden lawn mower and are perfect for large lawns, or even sports playing fields. 

You can also find motor-powered lawn rakers that look and work much like a motor-powered lawn mower, with an added aerating bonus. 

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