Place a Garden Mirror in Your Backyard to Add Dimension

Many people look for ways to add more visual interest to their gardens and backyards. Placing garden mirrors in your outdoor spaces is a great way to add dimension in places that need an additional element, and large garden mirrors can even make your outdoor space seem bigger. New, used, and pre-owned garden mirrors come in a variety of styles and for many types of surfaces, so you're sure to find one on eBay to suit your purposes.

Styles of garden mirrors available on eBay

There are a wide variety of styles that you can choose from, including the following:

  • Framed: Some mirrors have frames that are made of wood or metal. Many garden mirrors that have frames have a Gothic style with an arch at the top. Others have frames that look like windows.
  • Convex: Some garden mirrors are convex, which allows you to see around a corner.
  • Circle: There are some mirrors that are circular, and some can be used as a table's surface. Others are designed to be affixed to a wall or tree.
  • Ornate detail: There are many garden mirrors that have ornate detail in the frame that's reminiscent of Victorian styling.
How do you choose a mirror for a specific space?

There are a few types of places that you can put a garden mirror. You can hang one on a wall or tree, or you can lean it against a solid surface. Otherwise, there are garden mirrors that work as the surface of a table, and other types of garden mirrors attract birds or add more light to a darker part of the garden. The type of mirror that you purchase will depend on the place you'll put it and your purposes. If you intend on hanging a large mirror on a wall, you'll want to ensure that you have a method of securing it that will keep it sturdy even in high winds and storms. You can go out and buy the hardware, but the mirror will need to have a place where you can attach the hardware. A small mirror on a table can also add interest to your garden. Make sure that you choose one that's to scale with your table.

Do garden mirrors ever have multiple functions?

Some garden mirrors are specifically designed to provide more than one function. For instance, some garden mirrors also have a ledge to place candles. Other mirrors have a place to put small plants or seed for birds.