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Things to Know Before Getting Your Garden Home Office

Building a garden office is an excellent way to add private space to your home by adding functional live/work space in your garden. A garden office provides a retreat where you can go to take care of work, relax, or just get away from an overcrowded home. There are many different styles of garden offices available on eBay, so take a look at some key facts before choosing one.

Should you buy a prefabricated garden office?

If you buy a prefabricated office, not only will you be saving time, but you'll also be able to choose the exact style that you're interested in and have it delivered ready to go. Look through eBay's list of affordably priced garden offices to find the one that has the features that you're looking for.

What are the different types of garden home offices?

There are three basic types of garden home office to choose from, consisting of the following:

  • Standard: A standard office has an off-the-shelf design that's ready to go out of the box.
  • Modular: A modular office setup is one where you can mix and match different pre-built modules to create your own office space.
  • Bespoke: A bespoke garden office is one that you create from scratch with a design company.
What size garden office should you choose?

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to office size, but there are some key parameters you should keep in mind so that your space looks its best. As a general rule of thumb, choose one that's big enough to contain all of the work that you intend to do but that's not so big that its size overwhelms the main property. You want it to be in proportion to the size of your home.

What types of windows are available for outdoor garden offices?

Outdoor garden offices on eBay feature many different window types. Casement windows hinged on the side are the traditional choice. They're at desk height, making them perfect for framing the outdoor scene. Awning windows are hinged at the top and push open from the bottom, creating a streamlined, modern look that works well with both modern and traditional styles. Long windows are one of the most popular window styles for garden offices, particularly in those featuring a contemporary design. They're fixed pane windows that form a lovely, solid wall of glass, enhancing the modern look and feel of the office.

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