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Information You Should Know Before Picking a Garden Hammock

Lounging on a garden hammock is a wonderful way to spend a relaxing afternoon. They provide lovely ways to put your feet up and swing your way to peace and relaxation in your very own garden. You can find a wide variety of quality garden hammocks on eBay.

What types of hammocks are available?

There are many different types of inexpensive new and secondhand hammocks to choose from on eBay. They include the following:

  • Rope hammocks: This is the most common type of hammock and consists of interwoven links of rope stretched between two anchored posts.
  • Quilted hammocks: These are very similar to the panel versions of the rope hammock, but they differ in that the material is reversible.
  • Mayan hammocks: This lightweight hammock is made from woven webbing that opens up and wraps around you, creating a cocoon-like effect.
What are some common hammock sizes?

There are three basic sizes for hammocks. The single-size hammock is a minimum of 270 cm in length. It's the perfect size for an average-sized person or for children who will be sharing the hammock together. It doesn't take up a lot of space, so it's perfect for hanging posts that don’t have a lot of distance between them. Double hammocks are a minimum of 310 cm in length, making them ideal for one to two full-sized adults. Longer and wider than single-size hammocks, they provide plenty of space to move around. Family hammocks are a minimum of 360 cm in length and are large enough for kids and adults to enjoy together.

Which hammock is made for sleeping?

Any hammock can be good for sleeping on as long as it's shaped properly. The hang is absolutely critical when it comes to how comfortable it will be when you're sleeping in your hammock. Make sure that it’s not hung too tightly because your shoulders will end up being squeezed while your middle section will be limp. To obtain the perfect hang, make sure that the hammock resembles a banana or smile.

What are common hammock fabrics?

There are many hammocks available that are made from fabric that’s comfortable to relax in for long periods of time. Cotton is a very popular hammock fabric because it's both breathable and comfortable. It's not weather-resistant, so make sure that you bring it indoors if inclement weather is expected. For more weather-resistant options, use hammocks made out of polyester. They're often as comfortable as cotton hammocks, and they are weather-resistant.

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