When You Need a Flat Area, Paving Slabs Are a Versatile Solution

There are various reasons why you might need a hard, flat surface around your property or business, and pouring a solid concrete slab is not a practical solution. Thankfully, there is the versatility of paving slabs, which come in various shapes and sizes on eBay to fit together for a large surface, or as stepping areas across your yard, or through a flower garden. You can use paving slabs to construct a complete driveway, a handy patio, or as a small decorative area to accent landscaping designs.

Are there different shapes and sizes of paving slabs?

Paving slabs can have different dimensions and come in all different shapes on eBay. There are quite large paving slabs, plus small paving stones that fit together to cover a large area. Paving slabs come in basic geometrical shapes like squares, rectangles, and circles. However, you can also purchase them in multi-sided shapes such as octagonal. There are also slabs for garden projects that are cut to look like flat rocks. The available sizes are as diverse as the number of shapes you can find for paving slabs. An interesting patio idea is to use slabs of all different sizes fitted into a unique jigsaw-puzzle design.

In what types of materials are paving slabs available?

The most common type of paving slab consists of concrete. Of course, you also have the option of using natural materials such as sandstone. While they are not cheap paving slabs, you have the choice of granite or marble slabs as well. Pavers consist of bluestone, limestone, and even stone cut from various hardwood trees.

What are some ways to use paving slabs?

Paving slabs are commonly used as stepping stones or to build a walkway. However, with all the diversity in sizes and shapes of pavers, there are a variety of ways that you can use them around your property.

  • Sidewalks: You can space them apart or connected, making a solid sidewalk.
  • Garden walkways: You can add pavers into landscape beds that will allow you to step through the area to maintain the plants.
  • Patios: Large paving slabs can provide a stable base for lawn furniture or make an entire patio. Large pavers can provide a stable base for things such as gazebos, or be linked to make a vast area for entertaining guests.
  • Driveways: You can also use paving slabs to cover large areas such as driveways or to add an additional parking area.