Enjoy an Evening Garden Stroll Through a Solar Flame Light Spectacle

Your garden needn’t only be appreciated during the day. You can make it pretty at night, too, with well-placed solar flame torches, lights, lanterns, and lamps. They’re not only attractive to look at, they also provide soft illumination of their immediate surroundings. eBay has a good selection of new and second-hand solar flame light units.

The charging capacity of solar flame torches

A solar flame light or torch contains a rainproof solar panel that charges a battery during the hours of daylight. A light sensor in the unit detects when dusk is falling and switches on the light or lights. The fully charged battery can then supply enough power to keep the lights on all night. At daybreak, the light sensor detects daylight and switches off the lights. The battery is then recharged all day from the solar panel, ready for another night’s display.

Different designs of solar flame lights

Solar flame torches come in all shapes and colours and use low power, LED lights. Each unit may have one or more light settings, including:

  • Flashing lights: Many have a flash feature. With several placed around your garden all flashing at different rates, you can enjoy an ever-changing, multi-coloured light display.
  • Flickering lights: Lanterns and flame torches with semi-opaque glass achieve a realistic flickering flame effect.
  • Steady lights: These provide a warm and comforting steady light. Some steady light units are stronger and designed for illumination rather than for their display. They’re very useful for camping as they produce a diffuse white light, and their batteries can be recharged via a power bank in addition to solar power.
How long can the batteries power the lights?

It depends on the capacity of the battery, the efficiency of the solar flame light, and the amount and intensity of the daylight falling onto the solar panels. Depending on the unit, some batteries take between five and eight hours to fully recharge, but can then deliver power for up to 12 hours. Each particular model’s description states the charging duration assuming normal daylight conditions.

Are there units with integrated motion sensors?

In addition to the light sensor, some units have a motion sensor. The lights can be kept switched off at night, but when you approach them, they turn on for a while. This is a popular use among those with a sizeable garden and several units placed in attractive spots. With this setup, you can stroll through your garden at night and enjoy the welcoming effect of the lights coming on as you pass.