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George VI Threepence Coins

Having first appeared during the reign of King Edward VI in the mid-sixteenth century, the British threepence coin was equal to three old pence sterling or one-eightieth of a pound.

During King George VI's reign from 1936 to 1952, two very different threepence coins or “threepenny bits” were produced. You'll find hundreds of examples of round silver and 12-sided brass threepence pieces minted during George VI's reign.

George VI Silver Threepence Coins

George VI silver threepence coins were unpopular due to their small 16mm size and were only minted between 1937 and 1945. George VI silver threepence coins from 1945 are extremely rare and highly collectable as most of the coins minted in this year were subsequently melted down.

You'll find hundreds of George VI silver threepence coin options and can take your choice of year. Each coin features a left-facing portrait of King George VI by Thomas Paget with the lettering “GEORGIVS VI D G BR OMN REX”, which means “George VI by the Grace of God, King of all the British territories”.

The reverse features an image of Saint George's Cross on top of a Tudor rose and was designed by George Kruger Gray.

George VI Nickel-Brass Threepence Coins

In 1937, George VI introduced a nickel-brass version of the George VI threepence coin which was used alongside the silver coin for several years. The nickel-brass threepence is 12-sided and is larger and heavier than its silver counterpart, measuring 21mm and weighing 6.8g.

Produced between 1937 and 1952, with the exception of 1947, the George VI nickel-brass threepence coin features the same left-facing portrait of King George VI by Thomas Paget with a thrift plant with three flowering stems designed by Frances Madge Kitchener on the reverse.

In addition to coins, you'll also find George VI silver and nickel-brass threepences incorporated into one-of-a-kind collectable items such as keyrings and pendants.

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