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Gibson Acoustic Guitar

Gibson is known the world over for creating a huge range of guitars with varying designs and different body types. Gibson acoustic guitars are among some of the most popular models, perfect for beginners and experts alike.


The parlor acoustic guitar is one of the smallest body sizes you can purchase, next to baby guitars. They were originally more popular with those who wanted to play music such as folk and indie, and this is because they are more affordable and more compact than other models. The neck joins onto the smaller body at the 12th fret.


The Gibson Auditorium is also known as the 000 guitar shape. It is halfway between a Dreadnought and a parlor acoustic guitar. The hourglass figure usually means that it sits comfortably on the knee and it is ideal for those who play folk music and those who enjoy fingerpicking. Eric Clapton is known for using a Gibson Auditorium acoustic guitar. The heavier tones mean that they can keep pace when played with other acoustic guitars.


The Gibson Dreadnought is quite possibly one of the most famous acoustic guitars in the world. It's one of the most versatile instruments you can buy, letting you play a range of musical styles. This includes rock to punk and even indie. The Dreadnought is also very popular with those who want to play country music and it offers a much louder and much deeper sound. This is because of the bigger body shape of this acoustic Gibson guitar.

Electro Acoustic

Gibson electro acoustic guitars have the playing capabilities of an acoustic guitar but with the option to connect it to an electric amplifier. They are connected via a ¼ inch jack and are very popular with those who play concerts and record songs due to the guitar having the option of being played at much louder volumes.