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Gibson Bass Guitars

Gibson, an American instrument manufacturer, was established in 1902. The company is most famous for creating the Gibson Les Paul, one of the world’s most iconic guitars.

Most Gibson guitars are highly collectable, especially those which designs were created in conjunction with famous musicians.

What is a bass guitar? 

A bass guitar, often referred to as a bass, is a stringed instrument that is played by plucking strings with either fingers or guitar picks to produce a sound. 

A bass guitar features fewer, thicker strings compared to other guitars and plays an accompanying role in musical performances.

The four-stringed bass is the most common bass guitar, which is usually tuned the same as a double bass. It is similar in appearance and design to an electric guitar, but it has a longer neck and scale length.

Why invest in a quality bass guitar?

  • Skill curve - A bass guitar is an investment, but there is no reason why a bass guitar shouldn’t last at least five years with regular maintenance. It is important that you choose a bass that will suit you as a musician, that you are not going to musically outgrow. A high quality bass will produce a better sound quality compared to cheaper models
  • Acoustic vs electric - Acoustic instruments use the reverberation of the sound inside the body of the guitar in order to be heard clearly. Whereas, electric instruments utilise an amplifier (amp) in order to produce the sound. Quality bass guitars will often be electric-acoustic, which means that they will produce their sound independently using the reverberation within the body whilst also having the ability to boost the volume using an amp
  • Strings - The quality of the strings can have a big impact on the sound quality the instrument produces. Always consider the scale length when choosing the appropriate strings for your bass guitar
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