Girl's Bicycles

Girl's bicycles come in a huge range of colours. They also have a huge range of wheel sizes, designs and accessories. Girl's bicycles are also available with a variety of accessories such as baskets, stabilisers and even front panel designs, so you know that you can easily make the most out of your ride.

Young Girl's Bikes

Younger girl's bikes are ideal for those who are taking up riding for the very first time. They often come with stabilisers and some of them even come with a handle that can be pushed by another person. This is ideal if your child does not have the leg strength required to pedal the bike in full.

Younger girl's bikes also have much thicker tyres and they are available in bright colours such as pink, green, purple and white. Young girl's bikes are also available with themed designs, such as Frozen, Disney Princesses and much more.

Older Girl's Bikes

Older girl's bikes don't often come with stabilisers, however, these can be added on if required. The chain for the bike is usually covered by a guard and this is to stop the chain from becoming dislodged when riding. The seats are much higher and they are also very padded. It is not uncommon to see a girl's bike with a horn, basket or any other accessory.

Tyres have deep treads and the pedals are designed to offer a very high level of grip, so you know that you won't have any issues with footwear or slipping. Handlebars are usually provided with extra grip and they are also reinforced with rubber pads on the outside. This is to try and stop the child's hands from slipping off the handlebar when it's raining, while also offering a higher level of control at all times.