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Giro Cycling Shoes and Overshoes

Giro are a reliable brand to buy from when it comes to cycling gear as they are renowned worldwide for their use of high quality materials and industry leading technology. Passionate about making sure you have the ride of your life, the collection of Giro cycling shoes and overshoes is perfectly designed to give you the best possible cycling experience.

Founded back in the 1980s and headquartered in California, Giro are known for their high specification designs in all of their cycling equipment, including footwear. They strongly believe that part of their responsibility is to work to design the future, meaning many of their cycling styles are simple revolutionary and can't be beaten by other brands in the marketplace.

How to buy the best Giro cycling overshoes

It's important to buy the right cycling shoes and overshoes so that you're comfortable and safe when you're cycling, as well as making sure that you have a fantastic experience every time you head out on your bike. Nothing's worse than setting out for a long ride or even a competitive one only to find that your kit is letting you down.

When you're choosing overshoes for cycling there are a number of factors to think about. This may depend on whether you are using them to help provide extra aerodynamic properties or to help you out in tough weather conditions.

Most Giro overshoes are designed to be used with road bike shoes, although there are those that are suited for mountain bike shoes. Make sure you check you're looking at the right type of overshoe as a starting point.

When you're shopping for cycling shoes consider not only what type of cycling you'll be doing - for example road, dirt or mountain biking all have different footwear requirements - but what fastening you prefer. Velcro, laces and dials are all popular with all featured in the Giro range.

Dials tend to be used on higher end shoes and can be seen in collections like the Giro Savix range, whilst laces are the preferred option in the Empire line which is much sought after.

The selection of Code cycling shoes by Giro feature Velcro fastenings which are favoured by some cyclists.

Whatever style of fastening you prefer you'll find all varieties in the Giro collection, all available in a selection of colours and designs whether you're looking for a subtle and streamlined aesthetic or something more edgy.

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