Step Out in Style with a Glitter iPad Case

To ensure that all of your accessories match your style, use a glitter iPad case. Colourful selections on eBay come with built-in screen protectors, which keep your phone safe in the hands of children. Some are tough enough to be dropped, or stepped on without cracking, ensuring that they keep looking good for a long time.

Can a tablet be charged while the glitter case is still on?

People often want to save time by keeping a glitter iPad case on while the tablet is being charged, and options on eBay have precise cutouts that let you do that. The cutouts also facilitate your speakers and camera, while making it easy to use other ports on your tablet. Most cases fit snugly with a soft interior, offering great protection as you use them daily, and the solid construction is enhanced by a magnetic closure, which prevents your device from falling.

Can a glitter iPad case fit any iPad?

A glitter iPad case is usually designed to fit a specific iPad model, and will not fit all of them. Those that are designed for iPad 2, 3, and 4 will not usually fit more recent models such as the iPad mini, iPad Air, or iPad 9.7-inch. Before selecting a glitter iPad case from eBay, check your iPad for the model number which is located on the bottom. Consider the following size guidelines when you are selecting liquid glitter iPad cases:

  • The iPad Mini first generation includes the iPad Mini 2, 3 and 4, all of which will usually fit the same case.
  • A case for the first generation will often fit the second and third generation iPad.
  • A 12.9-inch iPad Pro is bigger than the 11-inch and 10.5-inch, so the case will sometimes not fit those. The buttons will not line up, so check specifications before purchase.
Does a glitter iPad case always give the same effect?

A glitter iPad case can give different effects, and the variety changes with each manufacturer. Several have moving glitter pieces which help to create a dreamy effect, just like a winter snow globe, while others feature glitter in a solid colour that is sprayed on a premium synthetic leather exterior. The glitter colours vary, with popular alternatives being Gold Chrome, pink, silver, and pastels that match nail lacquer.

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