Up Your Game with Godox Photography Gear

Godox are a company producing a whole range of photographic accessories and equipment, especially anything to do with studio lighting. There's a large range of Godox accessories and equipment available on eBay, and it's well worth a look as there are both new and previously used products available at a wide range of prices. 

Do Godox cater only to professional studio users? 

No, they're known for supplying professional gear, but they have a range of equipment and accessories for all photographers, from professional studio photographers to keen amateurs and casual hobbyists. Whether you want a full studio setup, or you just want to buy some coloured filters, Godox has an affordable range that offers a good price-to-performance ratio. 

Do Godox products work with all cameras? 

Many accessories, such as diffuser umbrellas, are independent of the camera. Others, such as trigger flash, are controlled by your camera so a range of products are designed for various stated camera models, including, but not limited to, Nikon, Canon, Sony, and Panasonic. 

What does the Godox product range include? 

In addition to complete studio kits for setting up your own studio, Godox also produce individual products. The range offered is very diverse and includes:  

  • Studio flash lighting: Carefully placed off-camera flash units can achieve the most professional lighting effects.
  • Studio continuous lighting: These powerful lights are useful when lighting needs to be on for extended periods while setting up scenes to be photographed.
  • Wireless trigger flash: These enable you to let the camera fire off-camera flash by means of a radio signal synchronised with the camera's shutter control.
  • Camera flash: Flash units for mounting on your camera's top-mounted hot shoe are available for a range of camera brands.
  • Smartphone flash: These are small but powerful flash units that you hold with your phone when taking a photo with the phone's front or rear camera. They offer various lighting controls and also have LEDs for continuous lighting.
  • Macro ring light: These are flash or continuous lights placed around a macro lens to provide even, shadowless illumination during close-up photography of small objects or fine details.
  • Accessories: A wide range of Godox products that includes photo-Gear bags, flash power packs, light reflectors, and diffusers.

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