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Gold Onyx Signet Rings for Men

For those looking to add a touch of personality to their everyday looks, gold onyx signet rings for men are great accessories.

Before purchase, consider the carat rating of the ring. Although purer golds are more valuable, they are soft and malleable, so are not ideal for stone set jewellery. For a stone set signet ring anything from 9 carat to 18 carat is ideal.

18 carat gold has a warm hue, which makes it popular, whereas 14 carat gold is more affordable and has a more subtle hue. 9 carat gold is stronger and more durable than other golds due to its higher percentage of other metals, so may be ideal for day-to-day wear.

Signet Rings

After wedding bands, signet rings are the most common men's ring with their history dating back many centuries. The signet ring's original purpose was as a means of personal identification, signature or a symbol of family heritage.

Originally rings had a flat bezel where one would engrave the family crest. This Game of Thrones use died out many years ago, but the style has remained fashionable nonetheless.

Onyx Stones

Instead of a flat bezel, many modern signet rings now feature a plain stone design. Darker stones such as onyx are a popular choice as they offer a classic masculine appearance. The smooth stone comes in an opaque black to add an adornment to a signet ring without any shine or sparkle that many stones have. The darker hues mean the piece will go with almost any outfit without clashing.

Signet rings are usually quite large and will become the focal point of your hand, so get something that suits your fingers and skin tone.

The surface can also be engraved in the same way that the plain bezels are, but the appearance is more subtle and modern. Instead of traditional family crests, it is often popular to get signet rings engraved with initials.

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