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Always Be Memorable with Gold Mobile Numbers

If you've ever wanted a memorable mobile phone number, now is your opportunity. You can use gold mobile numbers for business or personal use, ensuring your clients, family, and friends will never forget how to contact you. There's a wide range of personalised mobile numbers available on eBay to choose from, so act quickly and reserve your gold numbers before someone else does.

Can gold mobile numbers be transferred to another network?

Yes, VIP mobile numbers are transferable. This means you can use them with your existing network provider or sign up with a new service provider. To transfer the number to a new network, you'll need a PAC code, which you can receive from the current provider. Mobile service providers make the process of porting fairly easy. Here is a quick guide that will help you through the process of transferring your gold mobile numbers from one network to another.

  • Contact the current network provider that your VIP number belongs to and ask them to issue you a PAC code. You will need this code in order to authorise the release of the number from the current service provider.
  • Contact the new network that you wish to transfer your mobile number to and give them the PAC code which you received from the original service provider.
  • Wait one or two days for your network provider to complete the porting process. You will know the transfer has been completed once you start to receive a network signal on your device.
Does it cost extra to transfer a VIP number to a different network?

No, mobile phone number porting services are available free of charge. All of the mobile network providers throughout the UK will help you facilitate the transfer of your gold mobile numbers without any additional service fees.

Do gold phone numbers come included with a SIM card?

Yes, when you buy gold numbers, you'll also receive a SIM card for each of your VIP mobile numbers. In addition, most gold numbers come with different sizes of SIM cards, including a mini-SIM, micro-SIM, and a nano-SIM. This is especially helpful since the type of SIM card you'll need will depend entirely on the type of device that you plan to use your new VIP mobile number with. Gold mobile numbers and packages can vary in contents, so refer to individual product descriptions for details regarding SIM cards as well as network transferring and compatibility.

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