Golf Clubs & Equipment

From golf clubs, golf bags, push-pull golf carts to golf balls from leading brands including TaylorMade, Titleist, Ping and Callaway you can find a wide range of golf clubs and equipment here on eBay.

Wooden Clubs

Wooden clubs include the fairway and the driver. They are called wooden clubs even though they are no longer made out of wood and they typically have the largest heads. They have the longest shafts as well and this helps golfers to swing them the fastest. Wooden clubs are usually used for the longest shots and for teeing off the ground.

Iron Clubs

Iron clubs come with numbers that range from 3 to 9. They have smaller clubheads when compared to woods and they are very thin as well. A lot of irons have solid heads, however, it is possible to get iron clubs that are hollow. They have angled faces that are usually referred to as being the “loft” and the grooves on the base of the club help to grip the ball while also adding spin.

Hybrid Clubs

Hybrid clubs are a relatively recent addition. They are often called utility or rescue clubs and they're considered to be iron replacements. They are numbered in the way that irons are, and this number usually corresponds to the iron that they replace. A lot of golfers find that hybrids are more suited to their playing style because they are easier to use when compared to irons as they come with the swinging capabilities of a wooden club.


Putters come in a huge variety of shapes, designs and even sizes. They are used on the putting green and are designed to gently knock the ball into the hole. Choosing a putter can be a very personal process as it needs to match your playstyle.

Golf Club Bags

Golf bags are perfect for storing golf clubs, balls and any other essentials you may need when out playing a round of golf. From cart, stand, carry and travel bags you can find a range of golf bags here on eBay.