Improve Your Game With Golf Training Aids

If you'd like to lower your golf score and improve your precision, consider getting one or more of the affordable golf training aids available on eBay. There are many types, ranging from premium, high-tech tools to simple golf practice equipment in the UK.

Which golf aids can help you with your swing?

Golf swings require speed, power, and precision, and it takes a lot of work to put it all together. To help you get a better swing, consider getting some of these new or used golf swing training aids:

  • 360-degree mirror: With a convex lens, a 360-degree mirror lets you see what your full swing looks like. Realising what you're doing is the first step in fixing issues.
  • Alignment systems: Whether you get a whole system or just a single rod, having something in place to help you line things up can be valuable. You'll then have a visual cue of where your club needs to be at all times.
  • Arm straps: Having your arms in the right position during your swing can make a difference in how far and straight you can hit. There are several straps on eBay that serve as golf swing aids, promoting proper positioning for both of your arms.
  • Balance rod: When standing on a balance rod, you'll be more aware of how you should be using your legs to stabilise your body.
Short game golf teaching aids

To enhance your short game, it's all about being precise with your smaller clubs. Short game and golf chipping practice aids include:

  • Targets: Whether you want to hit into corn hole targets or plastic rings, having a physical target can be important as you focus your efforts. Many cheap golf training aids involve some sort of target.
  • T-square: A simple device like a T-square set up near your ball can encourage good alignment throughout your swing.
  • Arm braces: By bracing your arms in a certain way, you'll stabilise your hands and wrists. Many braces are adjustable so you can get the right fit according to your skill level and current habits.
  • Grip: Often, the dominant hand can take over and alter the swing. Certain types of grips can prevent this from happening.
Golf fitness aids

You may want to focus on your strength and conditioning in order to be a better player. Several types of resistance bands, grips, and clubs can be used to boost your muscle mass in specific areas, such as your hands, forearms, shoulders, and back.