GoPro Housings and Mounts for All Your Outdoor Excursions

Whether your GoPro camera model is HERO, Session, or FUSION, there will be a time in extreme outdoor sports when the mount or housing of your camera will need to be replaced. Due to the versatility of GoPro action cameras in many different sports and outdoor activities, you have many different options when it comes to finding a replacement. eBay offers a large variety of new and used GoPro housings and mounts for your needs in a variety of prices.

What are the different GoPro housings and mounts available?

GoPro offers a large variety of housings and mounts for your filming needs. While the actual GoPro camera is sturdy and durable, its exterior housing is meant to protect against most types of damage and will need to be replaced at some point in time, especially if your GoPro has been through some rough handling. Here are some examples of mounts and housings available.

  • Waterproof housing: Waterproof protection for swimming, surfing, scuba diving, and snorkelling
  • Hand and wrist mount: Mounts a GoPro camera to your hand or wrist for a unique filming perspective
  • Chest mount: Mounts a GoPro camera to your chest so that you remain hands free
  • Helmet mount: Mounts a GoPro camera to your motor helmet
  • Pet mount: Mounts a GoPro camera to your pet
Are GoPro cameras waterproof without a housing?

After making an investment in your GoPro camera, you will want to protect your investment with the proper housing. While the newer GoPro cameras are waterproof without a housing, older models will need additional protection. Please refer to the following list when deciding if you should invest in an additional housing case. These GoPro models are not waterproof.

  • HERO4 Black and Silver
  • HERO3+ Black and Silver
  • HERO3 Black, Silver, and White
  • HD HERO 2
  • HD HERO Original
What are the differences between Standard, Super Suit, and Dive?

The Standard housing and the Dive housing are two housing options for GoPro HERO3, HERO3+, and HERO4. The Super Suit housing is the housing option for HERO5, HERO5, HERO7, and HERO 2018.

  • Standard housing: The Standard housing is a slim housing for your GoPro camera that is waterproof down to 40m.
  • Dive housing: The Dive housing is designed for deep sea diving and extreme activities. It is waterproof down to 60m.
  • Super Suit housing: The Super Suit housing is designed to be the ultimate replacement or spare housing. It is meant for extreme outdoor activities and deep-water diving. This housing protects your GoPro from water up to 60m.
  • Handlebar mount: This mounts a GoPro camera to the handlebar of your bike or motorbike.
  • Surfboard mount: This mounts a GoPro camera to your surfboard.
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