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Monitor Things That Matter to You With a GPS Tracker

A GPS tracker is a device that uses GPS (global positioning system) technology to track a remote object’s location. The device can pinpoint the target’s latitude, longitude, course direction, ground speed, etc. Buy a GPS tracker on eBay for your business, scientific, or personal requirements.

What are the different uses of a GPS tracker?

A GPS tracker’s primary goal is to allow its user to receive real-time, ongoing location information about different things. The following are some common GPS tracker uses:

  • Vehicle tracking: GPS trackers for vehicles help find out a vehicle’s current location, where the vehicle stopped and the duration of halt, speed of travel, etc.
  • Tracking assets: Business users can employ GPS trackers to keep track of their goods during transit, when stored in a warehouse, moving unexpectedly, etc.
  • Tracking pets: Pet owners can use these GPS devices to pinpoint their pets’ location in real-time, and get alerted when their pet leaves a pre-ascertained spot, etc.
Types of GPS trackers based on functionality

There are three major GPS tracker types:

  • Data loggers: These log a device’s position at regular intervals.
  • Data pushers: These are used to track assets, vehicles, and people.
  • Data pullers: Unlike data pushers that send tracking information to a server, data pullers send tracking information when queried.
Types of GPS trackers based on form

GPS trackers are available in different shapes and sizes. They come as dog collars, black boxes, keychain pendants, GPS tracker keyrings, decks of cards, etc. Hunters and hikers have GPS trackers strapped to their wrists like a smartwatch. The bigger units that look more or less like a mobile phone cannot be worn and are usually meant to be used with cars, boats, or trailers.

How does a standalone GPS tracker differ from a GPS mobile app?

GPS mobile apps are made to provide GPS benefits by utilising a smartphone. However, unlike dedicated GPS trackers, these apps are not designed to handle more serious tracking jobs. The following are some drawbacks of using a GPS app over a standalone tracker:

  • Phones aren’t made to use GPS continually; continuous usage would drain the phone’s battery quicker than normal.
  • GPS apps are limited in functionality and cannot be compared to the host of tracking features a dedicated tracker offers.
  • Mobile apps running in the background could interfere with the GPS app’s functionality by slowing it down or completely shutting the app off.
  • GPS apps depend heavily on mobile phone signals and not actual GPS satellites whereas trackers are more reliable.
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