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Engrave Items With Quality Letters for Lasting Keepsakes with a Gravograph

Engraving is an important way to preserve memories and dates. Get quality engraving from the Gravograph and choose your lettering set as well for a wide variety of styles. Find new and used Gravograph products on eBay.

Can you engrave in a handwriting style with the Gravograph?

Yes. This machine is not limited to preset letters. You will need a special pen to work the plate, but the handwriting shows up clearly. Handwriting is lovely for several applications, including signing plaques or writing a note. This is a useful idea for several types of gifts, including:

  • Corporate retirement gifts: You can engrave the signatures to make sure the piece is archival and the printing is even.
  • Signed and dated sports prints: Since these are often printed in a series, you can benefit from printing the signatures via the Gravograph.
  • Club charters: Club charters of all kinds can benefit from using an engraver. Transferring signatures via engraving to the charter piece is a great way to ensure neatness. You can also make sure everyone has enough space by putting the signatures on an engraving plate first.
Can you print shaped text with the Gravograph?

Yes, the Gravograph has circular text templates. You could get more advanced shapes by getting custom plates made, although this is not necessary for most applications. The circular text templates and monogram plates have several sizes of both letters and shapes for the engraving. You will find that not all letter sets are easy to read laid out in shapes like circles, so the letters available tend to be squarer and wider than some of the other scripts for regular printing.

What types of letters are available for the Gravograph?

The Gravograph has all kinds of letters. You can even find cursive sets for this machine. You will find that there are special characters for things like monogramming and commemorative plates. Besides knowing what letter set you like, there are a few things that are helpful to know when it comes to choosing letters. You may want to consider how large the body of the text will be in the finished piece and whether you will need a font with serifs to promote ease of reading. You will also want to cheque out the differences between title fonts and text body fonts to make sure the lettering is thick enough and that the title font has enough decoration.

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