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Your Solar Panel Inverter Product Guide

Sometimes referred to as a grid tie converter, a solar panel inverter is a requirement for any photo-voltaic installation. They harness the power of the sun and converts it into usable alternating current (AC) electricity. There are lots of different solar inverter manufacturers to choose from, many of which you will find on eBay. Read on for important information about this technology that will help you to find the right solar inverter for your needs.

Why is a solar inverter needed for a photo-voltaic installation?

If you are only charging a direct current (DC) device from your solar array, then you do not necessarily need a solar inverter. However, if you wish to connect solar panels to your home's electrical installation and, therefore, the wider grid, you will need an inverter to convert DC current to AC. Common features found on many grid tie inverters include:

  • The ability to generate AC electricity up to its wattage rating.
  • Automatic shutdown in the event of a power outage.
  • A digital display that shows the current output.
How much energy can a solar inverter handle?

Inverters are rated to function at a given wattage. This affects how large of an array of solar panels you'll be able to connect your inverter to. If your array has the capacity to generate more energy, then you'll need a higher rated inverter, or you can simply use more of them in parallel with one another. You can find a wide range of inverters on eBay, both big and small.

Why is automatic shutdown an important feature of solar inverters?

If there is a power cut somewhere close to your grid-connected solar array, a maintenance operative may think it is safe to handle cables in order to replace or repair them. If your array happens to be feeding the grid with electricity at such a time, there will be a risk of electrical shock. As such, it is imperative that inverters are shut down during power outages with systems that are connected to the national grid.

Is a waterproof solar inverter essential?

If your inverter for solar panels is mounted in the loft of your home, then it does not need to be waterproof. However, those that are installed outside, perhaps under the panels themselves, should have a high ingress protection (IP) rating to ensure they'll operate in wet conditions.

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