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Grow Light Bulbs

Indoor plant lights let you add illumination where the sun doesn't shine. You can easily extend the growing season of your vegetables, flowers and herbs by choosing the perfect grow light bulb for the job.

The difference types of grow light bulbs

  • HPS (high pressure sodium) – Produces good quality intense red-orange light that is an ideal spectrum for flowering
  • Dual spectrum – Dual spectrum light bulbs generally produce red light, with some blue light. This means that the bulbs can be continually used through the vegetative and flowering period
  • CFL (compact fluorescent lamp) – CFL bulbs are cool running and can therefore be used close to leafy plant structures. The light bulb can be used to fill in shadows and as side lighting. CFL light is ideal for seedlings and small vegetating plants
  • LED – LED light bulbs have a lower energy consumption than HPS, and a longer lighting lifespan. LED provides a good source of focused light that does not need to warm up. LED light can also be dimmed if required

The benefits of grow light bulbs

  • Growth stimulation – Grow light bulbs emit an electromagnetic spectrum of light that is designed to stimulate plant growth. These light bulbs are appropriate for photosynthesis, and when used in applications provide a direct source of light or supplementary light
  • Extended exposure – During winter months, when natural daylight is limited, grow light bulbs can be easily used to extend the hours that a plant receives light
  • Sun therapy – Grow light bulbs either provide light that is similar to the spectrum of the sun, or they offer a spectrum that is specifically tailored to the needs of the plant

Different types of grow light bulbs

  • Tubes – Tubes are generally more energetic and produce functional lighting
  • Stick grow light bulbs – Elongated light bulbs are enhanced to provide the benefit spectrum balance
  • Spiral grow light bulbs – Energy efficient spiral and shaped grow light bulbs have a longer lifespan.
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