Got one to sell?

Got one to sell?

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Keep strumming with guitar and bass strings

When it comes to buying replacement guitar strings, the choice can often be overwhelming, so it's worth knowing what to look for before you place your bid. On eBay, you'll find all kinds of strings for all kinds of guitar, from classical acoustic guitars to electric guitars strings, available as single strings or full string sets. 

Choosing your material

Classical guitars tend to have nylon strings, where as standard acoustic and all electric guitars will have metal strings. These guitar accessories usually made from steel, although guitar and bass strings are available in phosphor bronze (warm tone) or 80/20 bronze (bright tone). 

Coated guitar and bass strings

Most people will only replace their guitar and bass strings when they break, but to get the best from your guitar, you should replace all your strings every four to six months. You can make your strings last longer between changes by choosing coated strings. 

Guitar and bass string gauge

The most important factor in choosing guitar and bass strings is the gauge. This refers to the thickness of the string and will alter both the sound of the instrument and how easy it is to play. The thicker the string, the richer the tone, however, thicker strings will be more tiring to play. Beginners should choose lighter strings, while more experienced guitarists can move on to thicker, heavier gauge strings. Thicker strings also allow you to down-tune your guitar for a heavy rock sound, without losing tension. 

Choosing your guitar and bass string brand

Choose from a number of popular brands, including D'Addario, Ernie Ball, Fender and Gibson guitar and bass strings. With a full set of strings being so affordable, you can experiment with different brands to see which you prefer and which come closest to the sound you are searching for. 

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