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Guitar Effects Pedalboards & Cases

Guitar effects pedalboards are the panels that guitarists use to put their pedals on. Using a pedalboard enables you to keep all of your pedals together, set up and ready to use as though they are one unit.

Many effects pedalboards also act as a patch bay and power supply for your pedal set up.

Many guitar effects pedalboards are also built as cases to ensure the protection of your pedals and make them easier to transport. 

Many quality pedalboards are built into flight case-style boxes with a removable top half allowing access to your pedals.

They are also likely to have locking latches, reinforced corners and foam-padded interiors for protection and security.  

Entry-level pedalboards

You can expect entry-level pedal boards to:

  • Be simply designed
  • Be small in size – only able to accommodate a small number of pedals
  • Be affordable
  • Be constructed using cheaper materials
  • Be less strong
  • Be the least likely to come with a soft bag or case

Mid-range pedalboards

You can expect mid-range pedal boards to:

  • Be simply designed
  • Be small in size but may be slightly larger than entry-level pedalboards and able to accommodate 1 or 2 more pedals depending on the make and model
  • Be cost effective
  • Be constructed from quality materials
  • Feature a built in power supply in some models
  • Come with a soft case or built into a hard case

Top range pedalboards

You can expect top-range pedal boards to:

  • Be simply designed but with more features
  • Range from medium to large in size, with the ability to accommodate many pedals
  • Be more expensive
  • Be constructed from quality materials
  • Include a built in power supply
  • Come built into a hard case or a premium quality soft bag

A popular choice of material for pedalboards is metal due to its strength and durability. 

A number of other construction materials can also be used with pedalboards such as wood. 

Pedalboards made with unusual materials will often be custom made.

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