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HDMI Cables and Adapters for Mobile Phones and PDAs

HDMI cables are one of the most useful pieces of technology as they help you to link devices. This range includes many different types from the leading brands. Whether you are looking for a replacement cable or a new adaptor, the collection of HDMI cables and adapters for mobile phones and PDAs available are sure to have exactly what you're looking for.


One of the most popular reasons for using a HDMI adaptor with your mobile phone is to connect it with a television, allowing you to watch video footage directly from your phone or PDA on a larger screen.

It's easy to download material to your phone these days, but not always as easy to access it on a television. Many will watch programmes on their phones or laptops, however watching it on a television is far more convenient and entertaining. Simply using a HDMI phone cable is all it takes.

Range available

Whilst it's only a cable and should be a simple enough purchase, there is a huge amount of choice and it's important that you buy the right adaptor for your needs. The last thing you want is to buy a new cable only to find out that it's not compatible with your device, or that there's some other issue and you have to replace it again.

Firstly, most people will start off shopping by brand, as this will help to resolve any common compatibility issues. If you have an older phone or PDA, it may be worth doing a bit more research to ensure the connectors will definitely work with your device. However, for most current and recent models this should be less of an issue.

This extensive collection includes houses cables and adapters from almost every brand you can imagine, from Samsung and Apple to HTC and Google. There is also a wide range of Universal cables and adaptors too, designed to work with any device and be a more cost effective option than buying a branded cable. Double check the number of pins in the plug to ensure it will fit with your phone.

Colour and length

Finally, consider other options like colour and length of cable. Whilst most adaptors feature small cables, if you need to cover a longer distance there are lengthier cables available. There are also adaptors and cables in almost every colour you can think of, in case you are looking for a specific shade to match your phone or home decor.

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