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Connect Media with Infinite Possibilities Using an HDMI Splitter Cable

HDMI is one of the premier data transfer cables used in technology, most often as a means of sending audio and video signals to a screen, and there are numerous uses for this type of connection cable that make it an invaluable tool in electronics. In the event you ever need to send the same signal to multiple monitors at once, try out an HDMI splitter cable that will allow you to route several connections through the same device to simplify your wires and save time organizing and plugging things in. eBay has a vast selection of these types of cables to choose from.

What technology could make use of an HDMI splitter cable?

There are many uses for an HDMI splitter. If someone may wish to send the same signals from one device to multiple others, having a splitter cable simplifies the process of doing so. Some compatible devices that could benefit from these cables include:

  • Computer monitors: Many people choose to use multiple monitor setups. Rather than use several different cables for this task, it can be made much easier by simply employing a splitter cable.
  • Televisions: Playing the same video on multiple screens or putting several TVs together for a larger view can be made possible through the use of these cables.
How many HDMI cables can be used with a splitter?

The number of HDMI cables you can connect to a splitter cable varies based on the cable you buy. In general, an HDMI splitter cable will have one end with an HDMI plug leading to a row of HDMI ports that can be plugged into. The number of ports on a single cable varies from two at the minimum to three to even four or more. Two and three port models are the most common, but increasingly large splitters can be found on eBay if you require them.

How long is an HDMI splitter cable?

One of the most useful features of an HDMI splitter cable beyond its ability to interface with multiple other HDMI cables at once is that it provides a small amount of extra length to your HDMI setup. This can be useful especially in coordinating multiple cables with multiple devices in your projects. As such, the cable length for the splitter itself is usually around a foot long, but longer models do exist and can be found on eBay if you need them.

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