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HDMI Tablet Laptop Convertible with Wi-Fi

Tablets and laptops convertible with Wi-Fi that have HDMI ports, or can be converted to connect via HDMI, are available from a large range of manufacturers.

Some tablets and laptops will come with HDMI ports built in. However, for others, it will be necessary to buy a converter cable. HDMI is a great way of connecting a laptop or tablet to a TV, as it allows both audio and visual signals to be sent through one cable.

Laptop and tablet brands

All the large computer manufacturers make laptops and tablets with HDMI compatibility that can be connected to the internet via Wi-Fi. Choosing a brand is down partly to personal preference, but also to the reputation of the manufacturer.

Memory and storage for laptops and tablets

There are two memory types that it are important to think about when buying a laptop or tablet; RAM and hard disk storage capacity.

RAM means Random Access Memory and is a key number when thinking of buying a laptop or tablet . The more RAM, the quicker a tablet or laptop should work when multiple applications are used. RAM sizes are listed in terms of gigabytes (GB).

RAM sizes for laptops and tablets will usually range from 1 or 2GB up to 8GB. In some cases it may be possible to buy a laptop or tablet with even more operating memory.

The amount of storage available for laptops and tablets will vary considerably depending on the item purchased. The larger the storage capacity, the easier it is to store things like music and film files, or any other type required.

Smaller models may come with just 8GB of hard disk storage, while more expensive models can have over 500 GB. As a guide, a typical film file in HD could take up around 3 GB of memory space.

Choosing the right laptop or tablet for a person's needs will depend on how fast they need the machine to work, and how much storage they'll need for the documents and files being stored.

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