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HEISSNER Ponds and Water Features

HEISSNER, a German manufacturer of state-of-the-art gardening products, were established in 1872 by August Heissner. The company began by selling garden gnomes before moving on to other garden furnishings. In 1960, HEISSNER began producing equipment for ponds and water features.

Ponds and water features have always been a sign of wealth and grandeur up until the late 1900s. Nowadays they are a great way of bringing life to a dull space and are suitable for gardens of any size, large or small.

Types of ponds and water features

  • Fish ponds - These are ponds of various sizes that have been created especially for the purpose of keeping fish. Normally you wouldn’t find small fish ponds, as there is not enough space to maintain the appropriate living conditions for fish. These ponds will have to be monitored regularly in order to ensure that the water is sufficiently oxygenated
  • Fountains - Available in countless shapes and sizes, fountains are ideal gardens of all sizes. Different types of fountains are suitable for various styles, from modern gardens to country style gardens. Fountains are ideal for those who have young children, as they are less of a safety risk
  • Streams - They are ideal for gardens that do not have any or a lot of lawn areas. Streams are most suitable for long narrow gardens where other ponds and water features may not fit
  • Reflecting pools - These are designed purely for decorative purposes. Reflecting pools often come in geometric shapes with surfaces for you to walk over. They are normally placed near decorative landscapes features for added effect
  • Ornamental pools - Usually placed near decking or a patio, ornamental pools are designed around ornamental pieces like statues with spurting water for example
  • Water gardens - They are also referred to as living water features, water gardens are full aquatic plant life, all of different colours and textures. These are brilliant for creating lush natural settings, perfect for attracting wildlife
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