HK Speakers

Harman Kardon Speakers Buying Guide

Harman Kardon, or HK, is a leading manufacturer of high-end consumer audio electronics. They are particularly known for their speakers. eBay offers many different models of HK speakers depending on where you plan to use them, what kind of sound you will use them for, and whether you want active or passive units. 

What does it mean for a speaker to be active? 

An active speaker is one that needs a power supply. That means it needs to be connected to a device like a receiver or an amplifier to function. Active speakers are often capable of greater volume, more detailed equalization, or other improvements because they work with a boosted sound signal and have the ability to actively craft the sound rather than passively projecting it out into the room. Whether an active or passive unit is a good fit for you depends on what kind of sound you want and if you already have a compatible device that can supply power. 

What kind of sizes of HK speaker are available? 

There are two main categories of speakers in terms of their size. A typical speaker that is designed for most sounds is called a woofer. A smaller speaker that is specialized in the low end or bass tones is a subwoofer, and a small unit that works in the treble or high end is a tweeter. In genera, the larger a speaker cone is, the louder it can be. Keep in mind that many home speakers are composed of several cones, or drivers. For example, one speaker cabinet might contain a woofer and a tweeter. So when comparing models, keep track of the size as well as the number of drivers. Tweeters are usually one or two inches across. Sizes for woofers include:  

  • 5 inches
  • 10 inches
  • 12 inches
  • 15 inches
  • 18 inches

What types of HK speakers are on eBay? 

HK has a wide and varied selection of speakers. Some, like bookshelf speakers, are good for home use like movies or music. Others, like wedge monitors, are better suited to performances for bands and other professionals. HK also sells PA equipment for venues. Within each type there are several monitors that vary in their size or construction.Please be sure to read the description of each model carefully so that you have the correct cable connections, power draw, and any other technical details before you make a purchase. 

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