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HP Pavilion Laptops and Netbooks

HP is an internationally recognised manufacturer of desktop computers , laptops and printers. The Pavilion model is well known for its combination of quality and value, with HP laptops and netbooks being available in a range of styles and colours, as well as different capacities and capabilities.

The difference between a laptop and a netbook

A HP laptop is designed to have more in built memory and storage capacity, so you can store your programs and files directly onto the laptop's hard drive. A netbook, on the other hand, is a more lightweight machine, designed to give you access to the internet, which is where you will access programs and store your files.

Types of HP Pavilion laptops and netbooks

Black is one of the standard colours for these high quality laptops and netbooks , with other versions being available in white or silver. HP also have a reputation for having produced brightly-coloured portable computers, with the purple or orange Pavilion laptops perhaps appealing to a younger person than the more businesslike black or grey.

The key elements of a laptop or netbook that determine how powerful they are, are the amount of on board RAM memory and the speed of the in-built processor. HP Pavilion laptops and netbooks come in a range of different sizes of RAM and processor speeds, from 2Gb RAM to 8GB and beyond. Processor speeds vary from 2 GHz upwards. Essentially, the more RAM and the faster the processor in GHz, the more powerful the machine is.

The other main difference between the various different HP Pavilion laptops and netbooks is the size of the screen. These range from 10.1" small tablet-sized netbooks to laptops with larger screen sizes of 15.6" and higher. The smaller machines may suit you if you wish to carry your netbook around a lot, while the larger laptops may be more suitable for people who wish to use them for work purposes.

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