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Got one to sell?

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Hubsan Camera Drones

These nifty flying drones are a brilliant gadget for young and old alike. Take to the air with Hubsan camera drones and film the sights as you go for a unique perspective on the world. Hubsan drones can simply be used as a fun hobby or be utilised to film high quality footage to a professional standard. Shooting videos from the sky allows you to film high speed activity along a trajectory, such as mountain biking or snowboarding, that it would be impossible to capture on foot. It is important to ensure you have checked the UK camera drone regulations before you fly.

Innovative technology

Hubsan produce over 10 different models of camera drones and quadcopters, most of which have a built in HD camera for capturing those amazing birds eye views. The best cameras are 1080p HD cameras which you can find on the Hubsan X4 Pro.

Other great features include GPS mode to allow you to accurately position your drone, real time video transmission which lets you share your footage to an LCD display anytime you like and an automatic returns systems that will steer your drone back home and land it safely if it starts to lose control.

If you're looking for a compact camera drone, choosing a microcopter model like the Hubsan X4 minicopter is a good bet. You'll enjoy many of the same high tech features as you would with the larger drones but in a lightweight model that can be flown indoors.

Hubsan history

Chinese brand Hubsan was founded in 2010 and in the short time since has become well known in the field of innovative remote controlled toys and equipment - specifically drones. Based in Dongguan, China, they have over 100 engineers developing new and creative designs in drone technology. Their products focus on high performance, ease of use and harnessing the best of modern technology to improve the experience - and fun - for Hubsan flyers.

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