Hair Bows

Try Out Different Hairstyles with Hair Bows

Available in various colours, patterns, fabrics, and prints, hair bows project the girl in you with an edge. If you often fret about your hair - especially when your dress, shoes, and jewellery - are on point, hair bows can save the day for you. Go through the several hair bow options on eBay and buy one that youll feel most confident in.

Are hair bows only for little girls?

For little girls, a hair bow is definitely a major style staple, but that doesnt mean adult women cannot wear bows. Age is no barrier to wearing a bow. The following are tips to pull off the bow like an adult:

  • Keep it simple: The key to ensuring hair bows look chic is keeping them understated and small. A petite cord or silk ribbon around a classic French braid or a low ponytail is recommended. Also, keep the bow colour neutral.
  • Experiment with materials: Bypass silk ribbon if you dont relate to the super-girly style. Instead, go with a strand of cord, leather, yarn, or lace, and wrap your ponytail with it. The bow can also be made to function as a headband if the traditional bow doesnt feel like you.
  • Loosen things up: Avoid particularly tight or high ponytails with your bow. Top ponytails are stylish in their own way, but they also look a bit too bold. The loose and low approach works best with a bow.
What hairstyles do hair bows work with?

Ponytails and hair bows might go hand in hand, but the combination is not exclusive. Bows go with updos and braids too. For instance, you can tie off your plaits end where you would normally position a hair tie. You may even weave a ribbon via a braid and use a smaller bow to give the hairdo its finishing touches.

When and where can you wear hair bows?

Hair bows can fit in anywhere.

  • Everyday wear: A basic boutique bow, tuxedo bow, or pinwheel bow can be worn daily.
  • Special occasions: You could wear hair bows with custom messages, such as on Valentines Day where the pin would hold loving messages.
  • School: A hair bow could be custom-made as per a schools emblem. It could be used during school events, such as a sports day.
  • Decoration piece: Hair bows look good even when theyre not being worn. For instance, you can use them to decorate a little girls room, by sticking the bows to the wall and making them look like butterflies.