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Hair Bun Makers and Accessories

If you are looking for something to help you create a range of looks using simple tricks, hair bun makers and accessories. From neat chignons to messy updos and high ponytails, there is a metal or fabric hair accessory that can help you achieve the look you want.

Hair doughnuts are a spongy circle that can pad out a chignon or bun and make your hair look volumised. This look works best with hair that is shoulder length or longer. Make a ponytail with your hair and thread it through the hole of the doughnut. Arrange your hair around it and secure with hair clips for a neat and elegant look.

Hair twist styling clips have two plastic spines with a space between them for your hair. Thread your hair through the gap and twist into a chignon, bun, or hair roll. The hooks at the end of the clip can clasp it together and hold it in place.

Sponge hair styling twists

Sponge hair stylers are soft padded bendy sticks that you can use to mould your hair into elaborate designs. Wind the back of your hair around the styler and roll it up. You can either clip the roll into shape to create a stylish 1940s vintage hair roll or clip the ends together to make a bun or chignon. Sponge hair stylers are flexible, padded for volume and gentle on hair.

Bun shapers and hair bumps

If you are looking for height at the front, like a small beehive, then bun shapers and hair bumps will give you the look you want. It is best to find one that matches your hair colour. Push the bun shaper into the top of your hair and comb your hair back over it to cover. This adds height and volume.

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