Hairpin Legs

Update Your Furniture With Retro and Stylish Hairpin Legs

Furniture hairpin legs are beautiful and elegant in their simplicity. The clean, uncluttered lines of the legs were quite popular in the 1940s and have made a comeback due to their style, ease of installation, and carefree maintenance. Check out eBay for a large selection of hairpin legs for your furniture.

How do you attach hairpin legs to furniture?

It depends on the piece of furniture that will be supported by the hairpin legs. If the legs are attached to wooden furniture or a wooden frame, good wooden screws are recommended. In some cases, a bolt and nut may be necessary.

How much weight can the hairpin legs support?

Hairpin legs are generally available with either two or three prongs. The three prong-style provides added stability and weight support. The type of legs that your furniture requires depends on both the weight of the furniture and how much weight will be placed on the furniture. When you shop for hairpin legs on eBay, be sure that your selection can support your furniture piece and its use. Some legs can support over 200 kilograms.

What types of material are used to make hairpin legs?

eBay offers hairpin legs made from a variety of metals and an assortment of finishes to achieve a pleasing selection of looks. Some of the legs are:

  • Raw steel: This material gives an unfinished, strong, industrial look.
  • Clear powder coat: These steel legs are powder coated with a clear finish to give them a shine. They also help to ward off rust.
  • Colour powder coat: You can choose legs in a variety of colours to complement your home, office, or work area décor.
What furniture pieces use hairpin legs?

The use of hairpin legs is limited only by your imagination. Any furniture that you have that is in need of an upgraded look can benefit from the shortest legs to the longest. No matter what length the legs, to protect carpets and flooring, many people use floor protector feet with hairpin legs. These are also available at good prices on eBay.

  • Short legs: Use short (4-8 inches/10-20 centimetres) hairpin legs for furniture that you want to sit close to the floor. That includes beds, cabinets, couches, and chairs.
  • Medium legs: Midrange length (12-16 inches/30-41 centimetres) hairpin legs are used for coffee tables, benches, and chairs.
  • Long legs: Generally, the longest hairpin legs (28-34 inches/71-86 centimetres) are used for tables, desks, bar stools, counters, and bars.