Spooky Halloween party bags

Trick or treating is a Halloween tradition made easier with the right goodie bag to collect all your sweet treats in. Reusable fabric bags are a strong option, and can easily be personalised with a name embroidered on the front. The variety of different spooky designs available mean that each member of the family can have their own party bag, ensuring theres no accidental eating of each others sweets. 

Party boxes

Childrens parties can be tricky to cater for, which is why cardboard lunch boxes make portioning food in advance nice and easy. Labelling each box with each childs name means there are no tears as every child only gets the food theyre supposed to have, ideal for any parties where children with allergies require strictly separated food. 

Fun lunch boxes also reduce food waste as only complete meals are served, rather than buffets where food can often end up in the bin afterwards as its difficult to organise portions. Princess, pirate and animal themed bags ensure that the designs will both be popular with the children and match the theme of the party. 

Cellophane party cones

Plastic party cones are perfect for portioning sweets as goodie bags. The plastic helps protect the sweets and keep them clean, while twist tops ensure nothing can drop out in transport. Personalised stickers can be added to every bag to help make them extra special, as can gift tags attached to each bag or cone to label who each bag is for. 

Choose plastic Halloween bags to match with the theme of your Halloween party. Black, green red and orange are often popular choices. Or, go for a party bag with a classic Halloween print, like spiders, pumpkins or witches to add an extra touch of fright to any event. Youll also find larger bags that can be used to hold presents or gifts larger than just sweets.