Ham & Amateur Radio Equipment

HAM and Amateur Radio Equipment

HAM and amateur radio equipment is perfect for broadcasting hobbyists. As a hobby, the ability to connect to people across cities, regions, countries, continents and even into space (the International Space Station) is the key to its enduring popularity. Whether youre looking for something to start out with, or if youre HAM and amateur radio has been your interest your whole life, theres bound to be something suited to you.

Radio Equipment

Almost all modern HAM radio equipment features a transceiver, a combined radio transmitter and receiver in one unit. Amateur radio transceivers can be further broken down into three categories; base stations, mobile and portable.

Base Transceiver Stations

The starting point for the majority of those new to HAM radio, base transceivers stations (BTS) enable wireless communication between a device and a network. They have the ability to transmit over many thousands of miles.

Mobile/In-Vehicle Transceivers

Quite often the next step once a base station has been established, mobile and in-vehicle transceivers are generally plugged into a vehicles electrical system and have a range measured in hundreds of miles.

Portable/In-Hand Transceivers

With a range of around five miles but with the added convenience of being battery powered, portable and handheld transceivers have many indoor and outdoor applications, including emergency communication.

Other HAM Radio Equipment

Above and beyond transceivers, there is a vast range of other radio equipment available. This includes radio receivers which can be shopped by brand, radio amplifiers with supported modes that include SSB, FM, CW and AM, and radio transmitters that can be searched for by HF, VHF or UHF frequencies.

Accessories and Components

One of the great aspects of having HAM radio as a hobby is that equipment can be personalised, built from scratch or refurbished. Theres a suitably wide range of components listed for sale alongside everyday accessories like microphones, speakers, electronic components, mounts and antennas.