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Hamster Bedding

Hamster bedding is normally used for the cage floor and also to provide a soft and cosy sleeping area for your pet.

Different types of hamster bedding

Shredded teabag hamster bedding boasts high absorbency. The non-toxic shredded bedding is made from environmentally friendly soft teabag paper.

Paper wool is usually made from white virgin paper that is shredded into long strands. This material is ideal for nesting.

Biodegradable natural sweet meadow hay is an excellent alternative to grass, and is used for bedding and as a food supplement. Hay is typically supplied in a bale.

Woodchip shavings are a popular hamster bedding option. The soft textured material is ideal for odour control and is dust extracted. It is typically used to cover the floor of the hamster cage .

Sawdust is a compressed material that is similar to wood chip shavings. It is generally used for cage floor covering and also to pad out the bedding. Dust extracted barley straw is a natural material that is similar to hay.

Made from reclaimed wood pulp waste, Carefresh hamster bedding controls odour two times longer than traditional bedding and absorbs three times its weight in liquid. The bedding is available in natural, coloured and confetti options.

Natural wool hamster bedding is available in a selection of colours and gives the bed a soft, fluffy texture.

Shredded cardboard bedding is typically made from cardboard egg trays that have been shredded, dust extracted and fluffed up for extra softness.

Choosing hamster bedding for your pet's cage

Hamsters require two different types of bedding in their cage. For comfort on the cage floor choose an odour absorbent material. Wood shavings and chips are a popular option, but they do require daily cleaning.

For the cosy sleeping area choose bedding that has long strands for extra warmth.

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