Stay Relaxed with a Hand Fan

To cool down quickly in the park, at the beach or in your living room, use a hand fan. eBay has options that accentuate your style, while operating efficiently to keep you relaxed.

Are all hand fans operated using a battery?

No. Some hand fans require manual operation, and this is more appropriate in situations where quiet is appreciated, such as at a religious service, graduation, or wedding. These fans can be selected to match the tone of the occasion, and are available in elegant styles and materials, like silk and lace. People who enjoy environmentally-friendly options may select fans made from materials such as bamboo. Handmade, manually operated fans from eBay offer several advantages, including:

  • Many are made of materials that can be decorated, making them valuable tools for interior designers.
  • Some have beautiful LED lights attached.
  • Some come with stylish elements such as feathers, beads, and dried flowers, which help you to stand out in a crowd.
  • Several are designed just for special occasions like national festivals, and help you to celebrate with themed colours and symbols.
How long do batteries on hand fans last?

Hand fans are often used at the beach, on camping trips, and in other locations where power is not easily accessed, so the batteries are made to last a long time. Most use rechargeable batteries, which will give you up to 12 hours of operation, and they can be charged overnight or in a minimum of four hours.

Can a hand fan be used to cool two adults?

Most hand fans are designed for personal use, and the blades are not wide enough to cool down enough air for two adults. Two small children could, however, be cooled by a small portable unit.

Can a hand fan work with a computer?

Many units will work well with a computer, or another device that has a USB drive. Plug the fan into your computer via the USB cable, and it will use power from that, instead of using its battery.

Can the speed on a hand fan be adjusted?

Yes. Most hand fans on eBay provide you with at least two speeds, high and low. Some offer several other variations, allowing you to generate as much wind as you like. Several units can be used with water, and have a compartment that allows you to enjoy a light mist on hot days, along with a cooling breeze.