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Got one to sell?

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Hand Mixers

A convenient device to have in your kitchen, hand mixers make short work of all your whisking, mixing and frothing jobs.


If you're looking for a kitchen device that's going to last, you'll want to look out for one from a reliable brand. Ones to look for include Hand Mixers from Kenwood, Dualit, Bosch and Russell Hobbs as well as KitchenAid and Phillips.

If you're just looking for a cheap device to try out around the kitchen, you may want to start out with an unbranded mixer that is easy to come across.

Hand Whisks

Originally made easier with a winding hand mechanism, there are now so many electric hand whisks on the market to make whipping cream, making cakes or blending ingredients so much easier.

As well as beaters, many also include interchangeable dough hooks for bread makers and pizza makers alike. If you use yours for lots of different cooking, you'll want to find a hand whisk with several speed settings and maybe even a turbo setting for getting that cooking ready in a hurry. A pulse button may also be a great function for those who need to finish off the job or see how it is coming along.

Other features to look out for include ergonomic and non-slip handles for a comfortable and easy use, as well as dishwasher-friendly parts for a quick clean up after use.

Hand Blender

As well as hand whisks, a newer essential kitchen device is the hand blender or wand blenders as they are sometimes known. These feature mini blade choppers so you can puree or mix food quickly and easily without having to use a food processor or full-size blender.

These easy hand blenders can be used in a bowl or jug, some will even include their own special bowl for blending in. The most simple wand blenders will just have one button and speed setting with durable stainless steel blades and a lightweight design that's easy to use then pop in the kitchen cupboard or drawer when you're finished.

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