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Hanimex Vintage Camera

Fans of retro photographic equipment will love Hanimex vintage cameras. Their quirky looks and 1970s and 80s styling make them great collectors' pieces, especially if you can find them in their original packaging.

At a time when anyone can snap pictures easily on their mobile phones, a retro camera makes quite a statement. A Hanimex vintage camera is a fun way to take pictures. They're also an economical way to build up your collection of retro photographic equipment.

About Hanimex

Hanimex was an Australian importer and distributor or photographic equipment. They sold rebranded Japanese and German cameras and lenses in both Australia and New Zealand. The company was in operation between 1947 and 2004.

During this time Hanimex marketed over 100 types of camera including instamatic and 35mm models. Hanimex also sold Super 8 film cameras for producing home video.

Vintage point and shoot cameras

Fans of retro photographic equipment will love the 1970s styling on Hanimex cameras such as the DFT and 110F pocket cameras. These slim, rectangular cameras have a built-in lens, a flash and a thumb wheel to wind on the film. They hold 110 film.

Another popular Hanimex model is the Mini 2, which was designed as a child's first camera. Its styling is more modern looking than the DFT and it comes in a range of different colours. Mini 2 cameras may also come in their original box and include a carry case. They use 135mm film.

Other retro Hanimex point and shoot cameras to look out for are the 110 Micro with its flip up viewfinder and the Mini Disc that uses disc film. As disc film is no longer produced and only processed by a few labs around the world, so a camera like this is more for collection rather than everyday use.

Home video cameras

If you're a fan of retro film making then Hanimex cine cameras are an economical way to pursue this interest. Among the models to look out for are the Hanimex MX800 and the Compact CPM.

The Hanimex MX800 is a super 8 video camera from the 1970s, while the Compact CPM has more 80s styling.

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