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Hanns G Monitors

Hanns G monitors are manufactured by one of the very few remaining Taiwanese display companies producing computer monitors as a core product. Their products are generally regarded as a budget, all-purpose option. Therefore, they are necessarily going to have a more limited set of specifications than a top of the range and considerably more expensive model, but for everyday use like office tasks, they are a good, cheap alternative to hi-spec monitors.

Hanns G monitors come with a variety of input types: HDMI Standard, DVI-D or VGA D-Sub. In terms of size, the Hanns G monitor range goes from 19 to 27 inch and the aspect ratio is available in widescreen (16:9) or standard (4:3).

Regarding luminosity, the majority of Hanns G Monitors use a TN panel, which is standard for budget priced monitors, rather than an IPS panel. Viewing angles are relatively limited, but if the monitor is used for everyday purposes, with the user sitting directly in front, it is unlikely to be a problem.

Hanns G monitors have a relatively good reputation in terms of clarity and detail of areas of light and dark. Because it is in the budget product range, vibrancy of colour can be lower than other products, but the manual menu controls are very easy to use, so altering the brightness adjusting the colours is straightforward.

The built in speakers are loud and clear for the price with no noticeable audio imperfections, and headphones or an external source can be connected to the monitor. On the whole, design is functional rather than being spectacular, and although the bezel is thicker than average for modern monitors, on larger screens, it isn't especially noticeable. For gamers, the HannsG HS271 is suitable as its size (27"), aspect ratio and multiple inputs make it perfect for playing games leaning back in your chair with a gamepad .

Any of the Hanns G monitors can be considered as a good monitor for non-specialist use at a lower than average price, so it would be the perfect buy for an older or second PC as it does the job required in a solid and efficient way.

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