Play Beautiful Music on a Harp

If you want to learn a new instrument, consider learning to play the harp. A variety of harp music is available so that you can learn to play pieces that you find interesting and are sure to impress your friends. If you are buying your first harp or looking to add a new one, then shop for new or used harps on eBay.

Types of harps

When you shop for harps for sale in the UK, you will discover there are two basic types of harps. Pedal harps, also called concert harps, have pedals on the floor that allow harpists to play flat and sharp notes. You can find antique pedal harps with all the pedals on one side, but most have them on both sides. When shopping for secondhand harps for sale, you will also see lever harps, sometimes called Celtic harps or folk harps. These have levers at the top that can be changed while playing, changing the instrument's key.

Types of lever harps

When you shop for affordable harps for sale on eBay, you may see several styles of lever harps, including:

  • Neo-Gothic harps - These wide harps have high heads, and they usually have nylon strings.
  • Neo-Celtic harps - These round harps usually have an oval shape and a low head, and they are often strung with wire strings.
  • Clarsachs - Often called Gaelic harps, these instruments have a low head, and they have wire strings. If you want a bell-sounding harp, then consider this choice when searching eBay for a harp for sale.
  • Triple harps - If you are thinking about buying a triple harp, then consider Welsh harps on eBay. These harps have more than one row of strings.
  • Cross-strung harps - These harps have strings running vertically and horizontally.
What type of strings are used on harps?

Several different types of strings are available for harps. When you are shopping for a harp for sale, it is an important decision because it is difficult to change the style of string. Possibilities include:

  • Nylon - Since lighter tension is needed to hold these strings in place, the player can play with less effort. Nylon strings produce a crystalline sound.
  • Flurocarbon - These strings, made from plastic and sometimes called alliance strings, feel firm under a player's fingers.
  • Gut - These are made from cow or sheep gut, these strings have a rounder sound.
  • Bass wire - Usually made of steel core, wrapped with silk, and wrapped again with bronze or stainless steel, they offer a deep strong sound.
  • Metal - Often found on antique harps for sale in the UK, these bronze or brass strings offer a resonate sound.
Are there any unique harps from South America?

Yes, you can find South America-style harps for sale. These harps fall into two distinct categories. llanera harps usually stand 150 centimetres tall, and they have gut or nylon strings. The strings run across a soundbox located on the front of the harp. The second type is the Paraguayan harp. It is a diatonic harp with between 32 and 46 strings that are played with the fingernails.