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Frequently Asked Questions about the AMD Radeon HD 7850 Graphics Card

If are you looking to upgrade your graphics card or even build a new computer, then the AMD Radeon HD 7850 can give you an extra visual boost. Based on the first generation of AMD's long-running Graphics Core Next architecture, the graphics card is built on a 28-nanometer fabrication process. Whether you're a gamer, artist, or work professional, you can find plenty of graphics solutions on eBay.

Why should you buy a used HD 7850?

The Radeon HD 7850 is a relatively low-cost graphics card that nevertheless enables you to play certain DirectX 11 games at 720p and 1080p resolution. The graphics card is also adept at multimedia playback and some 3D modelling, video editing, and content creation programmes. There is no right card for everyone. It depends on your price point and the type of programmes you are trying to run. Different games or programmes will have different minimum and recommended requirements. You need to make sure that the Radeon HD 7850 can run the games or programmes at the right resolution, frame rate, and quality you are aiming for. You will also need to have the correct PCI Express slot on your computer's motherboard to connect the graphics card. The HD 7850 is compatible with a PCI Express 3.0 x16 interface.

How much memory does the HD 7850 contain?

The Radeon HD 7850 features 1 GB or 2 GB of GDDR5 RAM. GDDR5, which stands for graphics double data rate, is a technique for increasing the bandwidth beyond what it would normally be able to handle. The bandwidth can be generally defined as the maximum data transfer rate per second between the card and the motherboard. A graphics card with higher memory bandwidth will generally be able to draw images faster, assuming there are no other bottlenecks in the system.

What are some features of the HD 7850?

The HD 7850 automatically comes with the following features:

  • Eyefinity technology: Eyefinity is the name of an AMD technology that allows you to use up to six monitors with one graphics card at a single time. You can split a single image or multiple images between different monitors.
  • Catalyst software: Catalyst is the set of driver and utility software for AMD GPUs. You can adjust visual settings and performance levels across the entire system.
  • DirectX 11: DirectX is a set of programming tools that developers can use in their games. Make sure that any games you attempt to run support either DirectX 11 or an earlier version.
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